An immensely useful platform for leaders to develop their business, enabling them to tackle acute problems, improve & scale the business and plan ahead to avoid future problems 

The everyday of a Business leader…short of time and resources. But Rebbel Mountain takes leaders’ and professionals’ “business loneliness” away. You can plan and execute your necessary development tasks with the feeling of having savvy business people, and experts ready to assist you, 24/7.

As a member of Rebbel Mountain, you access a wealth of knowledge and tools containing unique subject Blocks, Member Forums, and Scheduled Live Chats and more. All gathered in one place! Should you at some moment also need additional execution support or even more personalized advice, Rebbel Mountain will also help you find the best Mountain Guides in each field of expertise. Rebbel Mountain’s headquarter is based in Stockholm, Sweden and we work with an international network of Mountain Guides; the best business people, consultants, experts continuously building and optimizing insights and suggested actions for the Rebbels – members of the Rebbel Mountain community.

The name Rebbel Mountain alludes to Rebbelberga, Skåne, Sweden, where the founder was born. In Rebbelberga there is a small hill (at the time seen as a mountain) on which the founder once as a small child stood at the top hesitating to ski down. Hesitating because of the enormous challenge the hill posed to her. However, with bravery and encouragement from family and friends, she finally decided to let go. This feeling that with the right tools, support and some courage you will master most things is now transferred into Rebbel Mountain; immensely useful and affordable business support, for the ones at the top. Enjoy!