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•  I have an idea, now, how do I create a business?
•  I have a good business idea, but now I need to set up a company
•  It's tough getting the business moving in the right direction. Where do I start?
•  My business idea is great, but I am lacking the resources to develop and expand the business
•  We need to double the size of the company
•  We want to grow our business through acquisitions
•  We have realized that our business model is not scalable
•  I need to improve the dialogue with the board and owners
•  We have developed this great idea and now need to ensure a successful market launch
•  Our business is too dependent on a few customers
•  Competition is getting tougher and tougher
•  We want to change/build our (brand) image
•  We want to make it easier to meet customers' expectations
•  Our profitability is bad
•  Sales, and sales perfomance, must step up
•  I have tried to raise my prices, but then the volumes drop
•  The customers are demanding more and more service - for free!
•  My cash flow is too bumpy
•  My revenues are increasing, but my I am always out of cash
•  As we expand, operational challenges increase (quality issues, lack of coordination between units etc)
•  My production costs have increased and it eats my margins
•  Our organization needs to grow to handle the business growth
•  The turnover ratio of our staff is too high
•  The team is growing, and we must get organized
•  Team performance is worse than expected and we are getting frustrated
•  The business is expanding heavily and I am starting to lose control
•  I want to reduce my financial risk