Mountain Guides, the solid rocks of Rebbel Mountain.

You meet them in three different formats: in the Blocks, in the Scheduled Live Chats and Tailored options.


When you have need for personalized service you can hire a Mountain Guide.

Choose Tailored Option and Rebbel Mountain will connect you to the right Mountain Guide!


Teknikkvinnor (Women in Technology) aims to increase gender equality and inclusive culture in technology-oriented organizations by facilitating networking for women and nonbinary individuals as well as helping technology driven organizations in working with gender equality and inclusion.

Teknikkvinnor offer workshops as well as coaching. Teknikkvinnor believes that change should happen from within the organization, something reflected throughout their methodology.

Teknikkvinnor has over 28,000 members, with local ambassadors all over Sweden. Teknikkvinnor’s network exclusive for managers is available virtually and locally with presences in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

Entrepreneurs Academy was founded 2006 in Uppsala with the vision of becoming Sweden’s leading organization in conveying joy, inspiration, and knowledge about entrepreneurship and business opportunities. We organize many inspiring events, incl the yearly Anders Wall lecture.


Diversity is our strength

Ideon is a Science Park one of the most exciting places in Europe, where the some of the sharpest minds in the world meet to develop the future.

Ideon Science Park has a diverse set of competencies within connectivity, ICT, Life science, cleantech, energy, medtech, smart materials and food innovation. In a world of disruptive business models, this diversity is our major strength. Ideon was built 35 years ago right next to Lund University in order to connect science and research with innovators and entrepreneurs. Ideon was the first Science Park of its kind in Sweden and northern Europe.