How is the Rebbel Mountainconcept different?

Click on the illustration to see how Rebbel Mountain benefits you!


Which kind of membership suits me?

Depending on which membership level you choose, you get access to more or fewer features. To find which membership that suits you best click here.


Do I have to go with the same Membership plan forever?

No, you can upgrade or downgrade any time. It is easy to change plan, see Terms & Conditions or Membership. Any upgrade goes into effect immediately and replaces the previous subscription. Any downgrade goes into effect at the end of the current calendar month subscription period.


What happens if I want to quit my membership?

You can terminate your membership any time.  The membership will expire at the end of the 30-day period and you will only pay the fee for that month.


What is “My Rebbel Notes”?

Rebbel Notes are your private notes. Use them to scribble down things you want to remember, ideas that strike or anything that pops into your head. The notes are saved in your Block – and will be there every time you open it up.

Remember that we value your privacy, and the Notes cannot be seen or used by the Rebbel Mountain team or anyone else, only by you.


Tell me more about the Toolboxes

We have divided the challenges you might face into six categories, we call them Rooms, for example, “Plan & get going” or “Me & my team”. In each Room, you will find a number of topics within that area – Toolboxes, for example, “Starting your businessor “Building your team”. Each Toolbox is made up of Blocks that contain specific hands-on advice on a particular subject, etc to help you get real results.


What is a Block?

A Block is what we call a specific topic within a Toolbox, for example, “Pricing & product strategy” or “Business Plan”. Each Block contains strategic framework, interpreted theory, illustrations & infograms, and practical shortcuts and warnings, enabling leaders to instant action on critical business & organizational issues – put simply the WHY, HOW and WHAT of that block!

You can get to the Block via Business Problems or Toolboxes.


You keep talking about priorities, why should I prioritize my priorities?

With limited resources, not everything can be done at the same time. Some things are more critical, timewise. Prioritization is about doing things in the right order.

All the Blocks are of use to you, but you have to start somewhere. And different actions are more urgent than others, due to your situation and challenges. By doing the quick self-assessment quiz of each Block, you will gain insights and get help with your prioritization.


The dashboard feature is really cool, but who has access to that information? 
The dashboard is a tool that helps you track your progress on the mountain and to keep you focused and on track.
Your dashboard is for your eyes only; it cannot be seen by the Rebbel Mountain team or anyone else unless you show it to them.


I’ve unlocked the Innovative offerings Block, for how long do I have access to it

Depending on the plan you chose, you get access to a certain number of blocks per month, starting from the day you sign up, for example, if you sign up on the 15th of June you will have access to the blocks you choose to unlock between the 15th of June and the 15th of July.

If you want to have access to the Block the following month, just unlock it again. Your chosen membership plan states how many Blocks you can unlock each month.

If you have the “A lot” Membership, all blocks – current, new and updated – are always available to you.


I am working in a medium-sized company, can Rebbel Mountain help me?

Rebbel Mountain is covering challenges any business might face. If/When you run into difficulty, the likelihood is high that it is already covered by Rebbel Mountain. However, if there are topics that you are missing, we would love to hear from you. Send us an e-mail on info@rebbelmountain.com and describe your issue.


I am just starting up my business, can Rebbel Mountain still help me?

If you don’t have a business yet, just a great idea, or if you just started, RM covers many of the things to help you get started and plan your business, as well as help you tackle the challenges you will come across once you get going.


I don’t have an acute problem – why do I need Rebbel Mountain?

Even though things are working fine, there are always things you can improve. Rebbel Mountain gives you lots of ideas and inspirations to how you can be even more successful.


How do I know where to start/which Blocks I should focus on to start with?

You can enter the Blocks either by picking a Business Problem statement or through browsing the Toolboxes. After this, a few Blocks will be suggested to you. Take the quiz to help you prioritize which Block to start with. You can also check out Membership to get some guidance on relevant Toolboxes.


Ok, I really liked the Block on Innovative offerings, but I need help with a specific problem – can you help me?

If you want to delve further into a specific area and need personalized advice, we also offer Consultancy services; we call it Tailored services, where you can get help from one of our Mountain Guides (the RM name for an expert consultant). Ask for a quote by clicking on Ask for a Quote and state your problem/fill in form, and Rebbel Mountain will get back to you.


I really liked what you did with the self-assessment, but what do you do with my answers?

We only use it to improve Rebbel Mountain. We don’t sell the information. See also Privacy Policy. 


What is the difference between the monthly letter and the blog?

  • Blog: in-depth discussions about interesting areas, trends, etc.
  • Monthly letter: upcoming events, new blocks, updates, news, etc.


Will there be more Blocks?

Yes, absolutely! We will continuously keep adding Blocks to the Mountain. Do you have any topics that you would have like to have covered? Contact us and tell us what you need at info@rebbelmountain.com.


About us

You can read more about us here: A word from the founder and What is Rebbel Mountain.