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99% of all companies are Small and Mediumsized Enterprises (SMEs). 70% of all SMEs want to grow, but only 30% succeed, so Johan Wallquist’s reasoning is perfectly logical.

The starting point of all good business ideas must be that the supplier understands what the customer really needs.

Business leaders of SMEs need business advice/resources that

  • Delivers real results, not temporary pain reliefs
  • Are speedy
  • Always available
  • Let the business leader stay in the driver’s seat
  • Affordable

Most SMEs do not buy extra support from management consultants today, simply because most consultants

  • offer advice only… not actionable enough
  • have the wrong business model, i e high cost just to get started and a model based on selling many hours at high rates
  • often have single subject know-how
  • are not available 24/7 and not in the same geographical spot as where the customer is


So, we decided to do something; time, money or your physical location should not be a barrier for you to get the access to savvy business know-how that helps you tackle problems, improve or expand your business!

We decided that our solution, a “digital mini-McKinsey in your pocket” must meet the following criteria. It has to

  • Help the user achieve real and sustainable results
  • Be fast and efficient
  • “All” topics in one place
  • Have a price level that is affordable to everybody
  • And last, but not least – the solution should put the user in the driver’s seat

The name of the game is to start “Rebbling”, a combination of

  • “do-it-yourself resources; modules (we call them Blocks) with “built-in” business experience containing strategies, tactics and step-by-step guidance so that you can create your solution. The Blocks are written by “Mountain Guides”, i e senior businessmen/-women and experts.The Blocks include lots of illustrations and examples and all text is short and to the point. As one of our users said, “it is knowledge condensed, packaged to be absorbed in 30 minutes”. All content has a systematic structure, which makes it fast and easy to grasp
  • Online member forum where you can ask and discuss business topics with other members
  • Possibility to purchase extra help from a Mountain Guide, if and when needed, from 30 min and upwards

Welcome to the Mountain!

Ingrid Ericksson, Founder



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