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How important is training and skills development to you as a leader? This question was posed to several business leaders in a recent study done by the Swedish magazine Chef & Karriär (#2, 2019). 89% answered that it was Important or Very important. Leadership training and specific skill development is a top priority. However, 53% stated that they’d had no training during the past year – mainly explained by four reasons:

  • Time: “I haven’t had the time” – 38%
  • Money: “My employer thinks it’s too expensive” – 12%
  • Prioritization: “I haven’t taken the initiative” – 35%, or “The employer does not prioritize skills development” – 22%
  • Relevancy: “It is hard to find relevant training” – 27%

Getting the most out of your team is both about enhancing the skill of each team member and how the team works together as a group.

According to Gothenburg based company Tidwell, studies show that “no management teams work at its full potential” – most often due to inefficiency (Dagens Industri, May 10, 2019). Inefficiency can be caused by many different things, but from our experience, it is most often explained by

  • Different perspectives and no common view of the current biggest business challenges for the company
  • Too little time spent discussing strategic and tactical issues
  • Lack of
    • common business understanding; team members talk past each other and often have imperfect insights into their colleagues’ specific business challenges and how it affects the total group output
    • direction and what to prioritize as a group
    • time, resources and specific competences

At Rebbel Mountain we believe in releasing the full business potential; no one knows your company better than you and your team, but you can’t be an expert on everything and sometimes you need actionable strategic and tactical resources to tackle acute problems, improve or scale up the business. That is why we created Rebbel Mountain:

  • Actionable “Do it yourself”-resources to empower your team
  • Solving a business problem is seldom about fixing one thing – you often need to address several aspects. That’s why Rebbel Mountain starts with the symptoms of the challenges; when choosing a “Business Problem”, several modules packed with strategies, tactical advice, actionable steps, quick-wins & pitfalls to avoid appear
  • You and your team get a mutual framework and business language, minimizing the risk for misunderstandings
  • We have also included a calibration and prioritization tool to make sure your team is on the same playing field and gets the priorities straight

REBBEL MOUNTAIN is designed to get real results; it’s fast and affordable. And it puts you and your team in the driver’s seat.

Equip yourself and the management team with subscriptions and start releasing the full potential of your company, today!


The Rebbel Mountain Team


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