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In a survey done by Almi in Sweden, most business leaders want to grow their business:

  • Almost 70% of companies are aiming for a substantial expansion

The GEM 2017/2018 Global report, by GEM, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor investigates global trends on entrepreneurship and the findings from Sweden can be summarized as:

  • Ca 80% perceive good opportunities for Entrepreneurship, but
  • Only ca 35% feel they have the right capabilities, and
  • Only 8% express they have entrepreneurial intentions, even though
  • Entrepreneurs have high status and entrepreneurship is a good career choice.


The GEM report also shows that, besides Taxes and Bureaucracy, relevant training and education are perceived as the largest barriers (see illustration below).

Many entrepreneurs find it hard to move from the incubator- to scale-up phase! This, by the way, is also true for leaders of established companies when facing a substantial expansion. The new situation requires the business leader to be able to balance several new aspects.  

To achieve a sustainable long-term business, and to create value, expansion must be done in a profitable way. As a leader, you have to play different roles, see the illustration below:

Running a business with 5 employees is different from running a business with 15, 25, 50 or more employees. Complexity also increases significantly when you step-up your production, expand internationally, create partnerships, enter new market segments, etc. Business risks must be controlled, the organizational structure and processes have to be adapted, and new demands on management and leadership appears.


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